Seawall Repair

As Floridians, we love our vast coastline, rivers and lakes. But we need to keep the water at bay to protect life and property.  Seawalls and bulkheads need repair or replacement from time to time, and often times we can repair an existing seawall at a fraction of the cost of replacement. By utilizing direct injection or curtain grouting techniques we inject Prime Flex 920, a single-component polyurethane injection resin which is used to seal gushing leaks, including wide gaps, in concrete where the structure is not subject to movement.

This hydrophobic, super low viscosity polyurethane reacts with water and expands to form a closed cell, watertight, rigid foam. Due to its low viscosity, Prime Flex 920 is also used for permeation grouting of loose soils to consolidate soil particles and increase the load-bearing capacity.  This product is independently tested and verified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61.5 for contact with potable water.

Call Us for Consultation on your Seawall Repair

Although every case is different, we may be able to repair your seawall without removal and rebuilding. These options are less invasive and save time and money – while never taking the wall out of service. We leave existing utilities and paths in tact. Call us today for a complete consultation and we will be happy to discuss your project and all available options with you.