Carport Repair

Concrete Repair on an Older Carport

Faster Concrete RepairCheck out our repair of a sinking carport slab with 1-3 inches of difference between the north and the south slabs.

Our process stabilizes and fills holes under slabs, with a proprietary foam that lasts as long as concrete. We drill small holes and precisely inject foam where it’s needed to lift slabs to level.

Clean, Leveling Concrete Repair in a Few Hours

One older method is to jack hammer and remove the existing slab, which is expensive, time consuming and environmentally destructive. If your slab is still in reasonably good shape, but just settling – give us a call to see if this process will work for you.

Repair Sinking Carport ConcreteOur foam injection usually only takes a couple hours, and can cost far less than a full cement repair or replacement. See if we can save you time, materials and money.

Cars driving over will no longer feel a “step” and the leveling process took a couple hours. Less mess, less time and less money thanĀ  digging and refilling with more concrete.


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